Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eye Check

I went to the eye clinic today for my checkup. As usual it was packed.

Arrived at 8.30 for the 9am appointment. At 9.30 my name was called and asked to line up to check my eye. At 10.30, was still lining up when the nurses came and started collecting our medical cards and told us no need to line up. I was then called and asked to go to Room 9. Waited. Then did my visual field and I knew I did not do well. It was bad because I was seeing lights when there wasn't and the reliability of the test was low, but still.. not good, especially right eye. Then waited to see the doctor at Room 12, who told me what I knew. Right eye not so good.

Then tested my eye pressure which was normal, so all in all still OK for both eyes. There was apparent blind spots in my eyes. Then the doctor switched the subject and talked of the economy and US dollar and its effect on Malaysia. I think he was trying to get me relaxed as I was rather distressed. I left at 12 after taking my card for the next appointment on 240609.

Met Mahathir, a friend who is an eye specialist, we exchanged emails. Need to go and see him later, and do some test in his private clinic. Nevertheless from all I have read and what he has said to me, there is nothing much that can be done. I even asked this doctor, who said there is no medication, and asked me to try to not stress my eyes. I was telling him I was reading theses, and he suggested to get soft copy and put it on the computer and make it larger, for easier reading and less stress. Will do so. Came home with a headache, partly of the built up stress and partly because of the ointment the doctors placed in my eyes. Slept! Just woke up.

Guess I have to start coming to terms with my suspected glaucoma, and that it is not getting better but will progressively get worse. Not too happy with that but cant do much, so better do what I can.. like making this computer font larger .. : )


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