Friday, December 5, 2008

KL Trip 2

Was happy that my PhD students (and others from Unimas) got some exposure. Mohsin was being grilled by a few participants and he has yet to learn how to answer graciously .. but he is on his way. Heriyadi as usual can talk and as usual lucky that no one was there to ask questions. Fathan as usual is the charmer, must be his singing experience that allowed him to stand on stage with such confidence. The others presented well and the MSc / PhD students enjoyed themselves with the keynote speech and then criticizing the PhD students presentations.. : ) Food as usual was available and plenty, after all this is Malaysia. The sad thing was that the organizers cramped two groups of presenters in one room, can hear what the other presenter is saying... difficult to concentrate; as can see in the pic of Heriyadi's presentation .. quite empty; there was no real feedback to the presenters; and it was more of a holiday rather than a colloquium. But I made it a must to introduce my PhD students to the 'big shots' that I knew as well as to others in the field that may help them... got them to mingle and get to know people, hopefully will help them in their career in the future.


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