Sunday, December 28, 2008


Went with the whole family (mine and in laws) to Sematan for the Christmas holidays. Rented a chalet, thought it was 2 different places (C1 and C2), turned out to be a single chalet with the numbers C1 and C2 on the two doors at front. : )Quite spacious with a dining place, an outside sleeping place and a private sleeping place, with air conditioning. All in all, worth the price (RM400+ per night). We arrived at 1230, as was told check in was at 1, but the occupants didn't check out till 1.30 and we only got in at 2. Waited outside while the people renting there just ignored us and the management calls for them to check out. Sometimes I just wonder ...
While waiting, I went for a walk on the beach and took photos. Saw a beached jelly fish, cuttle fish bones,lots of seashells, and murky seawater. Walter didn't let this hamper his fun, went to the swimming pool and started playing in the water with his clothes still on. We joined as soon as the stuff was put in the house. My wife packed nearly the whole house and brought it there.. : ) In the afternoon went to my Masters students dad's place and had a drink and chat with the couple. Saw the jetty and the boats, and heard a story of a huge house that belonged to the Chief Ministers brother.
Had a BBQ that night and continued playing in the swimming pool, even while it was raining. We had BBQ marshmallows too, yummy.
The next day we drove to Lundu to have a look at the place. I like that the signs in Malay, English and Chinese was still up (saw in earlier blogs and wanted to see if they were still there) .. after all the hullabaloo in West Malaysia on the issue of language on roadsigns. I like this as it indicates that Sarawakians are more mature .. or maybe the West Malaysian politicians still don't know of the existence of these signs. Oh well, don't tell them. Lundu is still a small town, but it looks more prosperous and I think there are new sections in town. We drove to the Silk farm, only to find that it has closed down.
That night we had an early BBQ of the fish and corn we bought earlier with a few chicken wings that were left over from last night. I was surprised that we finished all the sausages.. Then we had free karaoke, a group had checked in and had karaoke .. loud .. till late.. right next door. Walter enjoyed dancing.. we .. well, we just wanted some quiet. Went out to buy some food but everything had already closed down except a burger stall. Bought burgers and had a chat with the guy, sad for him as his dad had just drowned in the bay a few days ago. Seem to have a steady head on his shoulders, as opposed to the Mat Rempit (crazy motorbike riders) we saw there, Sematan style... small motorbikes speeding to the end of the road without lights on. The riders had no helmets and mostly did not wear shirts. Guess the young must find Sematan dull and resort to this for fun.
The third day was around the same, swimming in the pool and eating. My wife made me a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs.. no toast bread but it was still great. We left after packing everything.. went to my in laws place for lunch and rest and home in the evening. Enjoyed myself, found that I am more tired now, but feel rested. Didn't look at the computer (emails and work) for a few days and it was good. I know there will be a stack of work when I get back to office... but that's another day.
: )
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