Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walter left out ...

As a father, I really do feel sad for Walter, especially after seeing this.
Here he is, at 5 years of age, still cant speak (maybe a word of two), but really wants to be with others.. you can see he is seeking the attention of these younger girls (who are bigger than him),

who do give him some attention initially but then they tire of him quite quickly. As I followed him, saw that he was chasing after the girls, wanting to follow them and my heart broke for my son (You know, I would love him to have friends, play with others of his age, but he cant understand many things and they just don't have the patience to play with him; and I wonder how will this be in 10, 20 years time). Yet at the same time I am very happy with him, as he just continued on after the girls (Go Walter Go!). They just went on but he was distracted by his cousin near our house and went and played with him.

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