Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Our Astro service has been rather bad this past months. At first thought it was usual, any sign of rain and the service shuts down. Now, even when the sun is brightly shining (see pic), the service shuts down.
Well, its expected, as Astro keeps on saying that because of cloud cover .. bla bla bla. OK. So do something about it.
What irritated me was that I wrote in Astro's web page an email to their customer service, but there was no acknowledgement, much less a reply. I pay a monthly fee to see nothing!
My wife has been to the Kuching Astro office twice now. They said they will ask a guy to come over and see the receiver, in two days time. That was more than a week ago. My wife went back to see them again, they gave the installer number, who was not active (on). We are still waiting for someone to come and see the receiver. The joke is we have to pay for this service (can someone tell me what service are we really paying for - the bad service i.e. cant receive shows, or the broken promises by the Astro counter persons, or the unavailability of the installer?).
As a Marketing Professor, I know that Astro has really failed in their service and am disappointed with them, what more that they are a monopoly in this country. Perhaps the government should allow another (or better still a few more) service providers and let them fight it out over price and service.
As a consumer, I am just plain disappointed.

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