Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year (CNY)

Every CNY we would go to my sister's place (she married a Chinese) for dinner on CNY eve. Its been going on for some time now.
On the late morning of CNY eve, I received a sms message from my sister that she is sad that her son is going to have an operation. Huh! Surprised. We had just come back from church and had just spoken to her the night before. Apparently she had noticed that her second son had some discomfort in his testicle, and it had become swollen. The doctor told them to have surgery as soon as possible, and so we drove down to the hospital and stayed with her. Bought some food and magazines / newspapers and sat down with her and family and waited (We have been through 4 operations with Walter and knew the wait could be long). This time, thank God, the wait was only for around 45 minutes and the news was good. He would be OK.
That evening, my nephew was discharged (private hospital) and my sister called us and said that CNY eve dinner was still on, just come over a bit later. So we did and had a wonderful dinner with the family (most of the things were already prepared before the operation in the late morning). My brother's family was in Mulu, so we picked up mummy and enjoyed ourselves. Walter as usual was bubbly and happy as he had the chance to play with sparklers and then play cards with us. He was also very good with the in-laws, instead of crying and running away.
All in all, it ended up being a good CNY.
PS This year the fireworks were not as great as last few years, but still loud enough to keep us awake and Walter jumping into bed with me and crying.

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