Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pink Pork & Washing Machine

The guy who put up this sign.. ingenious. This was at 7th Mile. We actually went to 7th Mile to see the washing machine repairman .. who still says that he is waiting for a spare part .. my wife is losing her patience, especially when the guy keeps on asking her to buy a new washing machine and doesn't show any sign of repairing the washing machine. We will buy a new one, if have to, but not from him.
Saw this sign, pink colored pig with the words pork .. and true to form, an alleyway stall right next to a restaurant selling .. pork, with pieces of stomach in a tub on the floor, and rubbish bins and storage boxes strewn nearby.
7th Mile is famous for its pork stalls, and there are many, by the roadside and alleyways .. but don't ask me where to buy .. that's the missus speciality. She seems to know the price range from here to Timbucktoo, for every cut of meat, and will be willing to go there to get it (me as the driver of course .. ha ha, love you Yang).
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