Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saw this accident ...

On our way back, it was raining heavily and cars were zooming past us, and as we came out of the rain (yup, some places it was raining so heavily, then come across a patch of sunlight, drizzle, rain again) we saw that cars were all lined up. Immediately in my mind, accident.
Sure enough, by the time our car reached the spot, the nearby villagers and others had already moved the persons to the side of the road and we could see a guy still in the middle of the road. The car was smashed.
The usual cars by the side of the road (both sides) just stopping and gawking was expected but what irritated me was that cars in my lane were still cutting queue and trying to push through without thought for the persons involved in the accident.
I also was irritated to see so many persons without seat belts on, and zooming (speeding like bat out of hell) right after the accident scene .. like it didn't bother them.
I could hear a guy on the cellphone asking to send ambulance. I thought, my God, from Kuching to here... will take at least 30 minutes. That's one of the reasons I drive rather carefully on long stretches in Sarawak, there is no immediate rescue service, barely even see a police car on the highway, the hospitals are far apart, and the most that you can hope for is that villagers will not hurt you too much by moving you. So if you meet an accident, or any difficulty, its all up to you. Something should be done but then again, I guess it cost money. : (
We didn't stop as there was already a lot of people there, said a prayer for the persons involved in the accident and drove off.

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