Sunday, February 15, 2009



You work for a man
In Heaven's name, work for him
Speak well of him and
Stand by the institution he represents
Remember ...
An ounce of loyalty
Is worth a pound of cleverness

You must growl, condemn and
eternally find fault,
Resign your position
And when you are on the outside
Damn to your heart's content
As long as you are part of the Institution
Do not condemn it
If you do
The first high wind that comes along
will blow you away
And probably you will never know why

Elbert Hubbart

Saw this poster when I was at MMU Melaka, and found it interesting.
I self checked myself, whether have I been growling, condemning and eternally finding fault with Unimas... I think not.. coz I believe all my growls have been to upgrade and make things better, and my growls come with proposed solutions and actions that can be taken, working towards a better Unimas, plus I believe I do understand the limitations that is inherent here.
I can see how loyal my mother is .. till now she will not tolerate anyone to speak evil of the government as she points out that all that we have is due to her employer (the government). She sighs when she hears of the evil that men do when they are in power, but she prefers to look at the good. So do I.
And I agree with the sentiment that one should leave the institution that they hate. You know the 80:20 rule. Most of the work is done by the few. Most of the good .. done by the few. Sometimes I think its more like a bell curve, 10:80:10, and there is a constant flux and fight for the 80 to be either contributing as per the top 10 and the other side of it... the growlers, naysayers, condemners that try to pull the 80 to their side of the fence.
Another thing that came to my mind .. we decide which side of the fence that we want to be on ..
Life is interesting.

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