Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walter's 6th Birthday

We didn't really plan to celebrate Walter's birthday, but then my mum said she wanted to come to our house, and as the day progressed .. it ended up being a family affair celebration that was not planned. Didn't even had time to call my brother and sister as I arrived at home when the party was about to start. Walter enjoyed himself, with his cakeand my wife made a feast in a few hours We didn't even buy a present for Walter, only the grandparents got Walter presents, which Walter gleefully paraded and tore openThere was the usual singing Happy Birthday song.. (will put a video up soon)and the blowing of the candle and cutting of the cakeand Walter even served his grandma cake. We had a short prayer by my mum and then food for all. My daughter initially cried every time seeing someone new, even her grandparents, and was comforted by our maid... which I am not too pleased... when I held Vina that night she cries... maid holds she keeps quiet.. sad eh.. but I guess the maid is at home more often than I am and I am not too clever in ways to shush a baby. Vina was enjoying fact all the kids were, and it gave my wife some time to talk to her sister.. see the two girls.. Allysa and Vina.. what beauties they will be later in life....
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