Thursday, March 19, 2009


Went to airport last night after work to send off my brother in law and wife. Took Walter with us as he enjoy going to the airport. Here he is trying to squeeze through the bars .. coz he saw children running on the other side..
and it was difficult to get everybody (Walter and Melvin) to stand still to take a group photo..
After sending everyone, we walked down to the ground floor and Walter saw the ride...and he had to go on it (Doren is carrying Allysa, not Vina)
He was so happy and excited in playing with the ride, and Melvin was so sad that he had to wait and give way for Walter.
Patiently waiting and when it was his turn he couldn't wait for Walter to get out... : )
and Melvin is big... he could hardly get himself in the small cabin...and Walter now cant wait for his turnHad to pull him away screaming and crying... but settled down as we walked out..
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