Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bintulu Trip

Went to Bintulu to do a presentation to the State Secretary on behalf of one of my clients (did a consultation for a state body). When they asked, I was not feeling well and didn't really want to go, but now I am glad I did go. Left home early to meet the client at the airport at 6.30am! Met another student of mine at the airport who is now a manager at a planted forest company, quite happy for him.
This is the highway fro Bintulu Airport to Bintulu. The airport used to be in the middle of the town but now is a bit outside town.
On the way in to Bintulu you will pass Kemena Industrial Area..
The driver took us through this place, where the house were all wood and old, and I did not remember Bintulu like this...
but then we soon came to the familiar Bintulu view. It reminds me of Sabah, the smaller towns like Sandakan and Lahad Datu, except now the road is all one way..
We had breakfast of 'roti canai kosong banjir' here.. a lot of lentils unlike in Kuching, where the 'kuah' is rather watery..
and the driver took a break with his friend
Went to the meeting place after that, and waited...
then was called in to give my briefing and it went well. My client was worried before as the State Secretary was known for being strong and verbal in his views, for me, its just another briefing and I knew I had covered all my bases.. and the State Secretary was happy.
So off we went... for lunch... and a long road trip to Miri. There was no more place for a return flight from Bintulu, so the driver took us to Miri and from there we took a flight back to Kuching!
I saw this and had to take a photo.. so obviously reaching out to Indonesians... the shop is called a WARTEL (Warong Telekomunikasi /Telecommunications Store), that is common in Indonesia but not in Malaysia. This indicates to me that there must be a rather large Indonesian community in Bintulu.
We also drove around to see the wharf...
the Chinese temple, as its common here (by the river entrance), for Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu.. not sure of Miri...
We also went to the port
and to a lookout up the hill to see the port, the oil and gas store and refinery
and then drove to Miri. Mainly oil palm, with some interesting notes... signs warning of cow crossing.. which is very uncommon in Sarawak, and a few small villages..
Took a break at Batu Niah
and continued our journey.. and the scenery changed to a sea base view... as we neared Miri.

At last we reached the airport... and sat and waited till our flight at 8, which left at 8.30, arriving home at nearly 10. It was one long day!

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