Monday, March 2, 2009


We went to pay our bills and take my shoes from a cobbler and decided to have breakfast at this place near the Kuching Specialist Hospital. Been there before and know that the place is expensive. Didn't know what to eat, so my wife had Wonton soup and I ordered a bowl of noodle soup (Heng Hua Mee)but didn't really look at the prices on the shop window. While waiting, I had my coffee, liked the cup but they didn't have the traditional old style teaspoon. That would have been nice. The 'char kueh' was wonderful but expensive, and innovative..with 'kaya' and butter inside (very 'good' for me... ha ha ha). The Heng Hua Mee came to cost me RM7, a far cry of the norm of RM3+ for a usual bowl of noodles, but then again as my students pointed out... its hand made noodles. I felt cheated though, because I could count the number of very thinly sliced pork and what I thought to be meat balls turned out to be fish balls. It tasted good though, but if I had a choice, I would not order that again.

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