Friday, April 24, 2009


There was strong wind and heavy rain on the night my students had their exam. This is the view of the exam hall from across the lake where I had my dinner.The students were there by the time I arrived, some still clutching on to books, scraps of paper and notes, trying to put in whatever they can in the last minutes before exam, while others sat alone or chatted with friends. Was disappointed that the halls weren't opened, and no one else was there yet, as I was having flu and fever (and just got back from KL) and ended up helping distribute the exam questions and answer sheets across the hall.Once done, the exam started..
Now I am marking the papers... with a heavy head, flu, sore throat, and just plain tired... long way to go especially when I know I must submit the marks by next Monday (when I will be flying to KL again)!
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