Friday, May 15, 2009

KL Trip - Basic Analysis Workshop at Universiti Putra Malaysia

Went to Kuala Lumpur again. As usual, while at the lounge marked a student's thesis.This time it was on a Airbus, much larger space and more comfortable, plus less people.An interesting thing... can see the new hotel near BDC while the plane was taxiing to take off.On the plane, marked some more thesis..and enjoyed the clouds.Then landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). I always wonder, why all these planes are just parked there every time I fly in to KLIA... This time I was met by 2 persons from Universiti Putra Malaysia's Faculty of Economics and Business and took the scenic route through a restaurant to get to our car park.Ah... the perils of owning a car in KL... you must pay to park... every where.. and learn how to use these machines...Had a nice chat ...on the way to the hoteland Zaimah check me in..the receptionist were 'afraid' of me and spoke in Bahasa Malaysia... and referred more to Zaimah than to me. The room was alright... until I heard of the price..and the view is kinda OK, as the hotel was in another University.
The hotel was very Malay, and the food and decor reflected that, guess most of their guest were University and government servants..but the lake nearby was a good place for me to walk and 'exercise' though I know I wont lose weight..
Anyways, went to UPM on the first day and as usual took some time to get through.. as the subject is rather difficult and this time there was a lot of participants,so difficult to respond to individual needs.Met a old friend, and had some time to catch up.
I also brought my book as a guide and sold it to them, as it was supposed to be included in my fee from the University... but somehow or rather wasn't.. one participant was rather vocal about this in his/her evaluation form... which made me sad as I tried my best to impart whatever I knew...
Second day was a bit better, more relaxed and guess the participants were getting the hang of it... but it was too rushed. Too many things were asked of me, to do in too short a time..but overall a more livelier crowd.
It was a good start. Hopefully they will practise and make perfect.
Good luck.

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