Monday, May 4, 2009

Manners and Law

My wife told me not to blog about this... but I am. I am irritated by these persons.... this photo was taken at the Kuching International Airport (KIA) car park. There are a lot of available car park spaces, yet these persons park by the main road entry (in the car park) and at the yellow lines... when I arrived from KL recently, we found it extremely difficult to even drive out of the car park because cars were blocking the main road in the car park.
I don't understand why can they drive in to a gated and fee paying car park, but just cannot park at the provided car park space? The joke is there is still a lot of available space... but they are parking indiscriminately. Cant anything be done?
On a separate note, we have nearly been run over by cars at KIA when we cross the road using the zebra line. Why? Because as we cross, cars just zoom by, evading us by inches or stopping and showing us the finger (one idiot young rich boy), when we by law, have every right to cross using the zebra line and they in the car should stop for us. The joke for me is that there is so many police men there, but they appear to do nothing.

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