Monday, May 4, 2009


Been back in Kuching since last Friday.
Just spent lazing around with my boy, girl and wife. It was very good to sleep in and wake up late with them, just play with them, hold my little girl and see them laugh and play. Walter is still a bit rough with his sister, but we are around always.. he doesn't seem to understand his strength when he pulls her to him to kiss her.. or to tumble up her hair, Walter still doesn't like to share his toys with Vina, but they like to play together with us.
It was a good few days of rest and being with family.. though I had a class on Sunday, but all in all a good long weekend.
Now preparing for the next travel frenzy, going to Kuala Lumpur again, and then to Mumbai, India, and to Kuala Lumpur again... plus having Mark, our Kiwi friend visiting soon.. so its going to be a hectic month..

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