Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ravie's Fish Head Curry

A friend of mine, Ravi Saravanan, opened a fish head curry restaurant last month... so we went with Mark to try it out. One good thing for me was that it served fresh lime juice, not like what you get in many shops... this so called lime essence/juice.
We ordered 'roti canai' and it was OK, and the gravy was good. We also tried the 'capatti,' quite light and good. The sardine curry was not so great, nice and all that but I would prefer it in a 'curry puff.'The fish head was RM28 for a kilogram fish, and it came with banana leaf rice and 'teh tarik' (as many servings as one wanted). The vege's were served separately at RM4 for as many servings as one wanted. It was ok, as its vegetables... not my main dish... Doren and Mark took the rice but I just had my capatti.This is the before and this is the afterand we were unsure of the etiquette, which way to fold the banana leaf after the meal... think this is correct...
Overall, the meal was worth the price and we would go back. The fish curry was slightly hot but nice enough to enjoy. The deal was worth it for the rice, drink and fish head curry, and the lime juice was good (we asked for less sugar and they really gave less sugar... i find shops here don't understand the concept of no sugar or less sugar in drinks... it always come too sweet for my liking). There was lamb... but decided not to... trying to keep my cholesterol down.. : )
It was a good evening out.
Dont know the address, but Ravie's Fish Head Curry Restaurant is at the second row of building behind KFC at Choice Premier 101.
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