Thursday, June 4, 2009

The poor

Guess Mumbai has its own share of problems.
This time, I did most of my travel on a bus, rarely walked the town, and not on their version of a tuk-tuk like last time, so was not accosted by beggars. Though this time, could see more people sleeping on the street,

cooking their dinner on the street, bathing and washing, or just foraging in the dustbins. There were those who were also enterprising, and one must take their hat off to this people, who still manage to live, even when all odds seem to be against them. My colleagues were amazed that people could do their morning ablutions just squatting in a field visible to all, and the question as to how they have sex arose. What was more amazing was how they had children amid the squalor, without a roof over their head, and an extremely difficult economic scenario.

You don't know how blessed you are until you see how others survive.


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