Friday, August 28, 2009

Keropok Lekor Losong

As usual, whenever we are in Terengganu, we must buy keropok lekor to take home. I remember when this shop was just a shack, with not many people buying fro it. Now the house by the side is a huge mansion and the shop has grown, with space for people to eat and buses with loads of people drop by.It has also spawned many imitators, same color signboards etc, and now apparently there is a major competitor in Seberang Takir. Went there, but was closed.

All this for keropok lekor, fried or steamed and the sauce (still cant get that peculiar taste here). I love the Losong keropok lekor sauce.
We bought a huge box of keropok lekor... and gave away nearly all to neighbours, family, and friends. Kept only a few packets for us.

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