Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roadside Stalls

This is a common image in Kuching, of instant roadside stalls selling fruits. It seem very organized, with delivery of the fruit by lorry, and check by the towkays. The only problem is that there is a lot of them, by the side of the road, and you know Malaysians, we stop without bothering of cars behind us, causing traffic jams and irritated drivers... Also, part of me wonders, aren't there laws in Malaysia that prohibit such activities.. or can anyone just set up a stall by the roadside, without any license or permits. I think I better find out, then maybe I can also set up a stall... wonder what can I sell?
What irritates me more is you can see that this is a major operation, not one 'pakcik or makcik' trying to sell his / her own wares (which I do see at the villages and also at the roadsides), but more of a large organization, which imports the fruits, sets up this stalls, have very good distribution network.. and no discernible permits. I wonder how much the poor old guy selling at the stall gets...
I know some people have commented on my views.. that this people are just trying to earn let them be... but part of me is irritated by the lack of enforcement of the law in Kuching. In our few days in Terengganu, I saw more policemen and roadblocks than in all my years in Kuching. I saw more enforcement officers in Terengganu then I ever saw in Kuching, and no one riding a bike without a helmet or running a red light. It irritates me that the law is just laughed off, with statements like 'mana ada polis,' or 'sapa nak tangkap' and people do all sorts of rubbish.
I cringe when I hear people say that they are 'urat dawai daging besi' as they drive motorbikes recklessly. They should be taken to the hospital and see how the human form can be broken and shattered.
A student commented, 'dia berani buat,' indicating that setting up a stall that is illegal and creating trouble for others is a brave thing to do. Why, because they want to make money.
Hey... I have nothing against making money... but can you make it without breaking the law or causing trouble for me?

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