Monday, August 24, 2009

The trishaws (Beca) of Terengganu

The Terengganu beca (trishaw, rickshaw) is a working horse, staid and plain. It was the common mode of transport when I was growing up in Terengganu. Now, its a dying breed. I find it difficult to sit in a beca, well... partly literally and partly figuratively. It was a big space when I was a kid, now its shrunk...ooopss, didn't.. I grew... ha ha ha.
We took the beca from Kedai Payang to the hotel, as we had bought a few boxes of goods... my wife ..still OK on a beca..I got a more colorful beca,with a electric motor to help the poor old rider... now that's the figurative reason why I don't really like to ride a beca. Its driven by old men, some really look very very old. To then carry my bulk, my huge bulk... even with an electric motor, switched on once in a while..
I look cramped in the beca, and bigger than the man riding the bicycle...and I know I would not be able to dive a beca, what more with a huge guy like me in it..
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