Saturday, August 15, 2009

Unimas 13th Convocation

Early morning, off to Unimas for the convocation ceremony. Was commenting to myself on the weather being good and can see the sun.
Arrived and went to the rooms where students were putting on their gowns and checking themselves, taking photos and everyone seemed cheerful.
My staff were doing heir work, checking attendance and giving out food and drinks (its early in the morning).
Took some photos with my Corporate Masters of Business Administration students
and with a MSc student, now she is in KL, bigshot.. she said small shot... : )
Walked to the hall and noticed people selling flowers and balloons..
The different robes
Breakfast was served for usStudents lining up to enter the hall
The university's staff looking after us
Preparing to line up..
Just before entering the hall
In the hall
Where I sat
Vice Chancellor giving his speech, and the posthumous honorary doctorate, many were teary eyed
Then the degrees are awarded, this is what I did, stand behind TYT (Head of State)and pass the degree to him. This pic is of the medical faculty deputy dean..
Ceremonies ended and went out.. can see the waiting family and friends
We went for lunch
and Unimas gave a birthday cake and song for TYT
Then off to faculty, for photo opportunity with the graduands...
Then went to another hall to see the Center for Graduate Studies booth, being manned by my staff..
Also visited the Faculty of Economic and Business Booth at the hall. Saw some old photos of me and signed the visitors book.
End of the day (early afternoon) and the skies had darkened and the winds started blowing.. and I headed home.
Downloaded everything onto the computer and now off to Satok Market...
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