Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unimas Convocation 2nd Day 4th Session

Yesterdays posthumous award made it to the front page of the local newspaper today.
I had not planned to attend today's session, just wanted to be at the faculty when the students came out. So went to the University late in the afternoon, was raining, and helped to set up the place, mostly done anyway. This year there was nice bags with souvenir's and food and drink for the students. I walked around, not that many people as the first day. Went to see my staff cleaning up the booth and then went back to faculty. There was an Iban dressed girl greeting the graduating students.. and giving them the bags of goodies.some light refreshments for staff
A simple ceremony started, to award a student the Ralph Christie prize. The Dean (Prof Shazali, flanked by the 2 new deputy deans, Kartinah and Md Jais), and a number of lecturers were thereMy boss gave his speech and gave the prize... and then it was photo taking time (a lot more... )
This time the parent / relatives really got into the act.. like paparazzi.. glamour... ha ha ha.. they were taking photos of their sons and daughters.. proud parents/relatives, and with every reason to be.
And some more photos..
Even Lau got into the actAnd more photos... I enjoy this part of being a lecturer... On the way back, saw a strange sight.. traffic jam in Unimas, by the lake and the entrance

Cant blame them... when else? And I am happy for them to be taking photos, to remember and to remind, of the days at Unimas. Good luck, God bless, to all my students.
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