Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visit by Catholic Welfare

This morning I went to the PPDK Mambong office as we had a visit by the Chairman of the Catholic Welfare and his entourage. Sat down and talked with him, Mr Titus Chua, on our PPDK, and on what we need. Heard his experiences too. Today was mainly Cerebral Palsy kids (we plan activities for different days as we don't have space) and a few Downs Syndrome kids. Met the mother of a baby that we had encountered at the hospital when we took Walter for his check up. It is good to see that the mother is bringing her Down Syndrome kid to the center. There was a Delayed Learning baby, who kept on crying and crying, and made me so sad. He had some hearing problems, and every sound made him cry more. Then there was a 7 year old Downs Syndrome boy that was OK, until he got leukemia. Sad to see him. All I could do was sit next to him as he lied down and massage his back. I nearly cried, but.. you know.. cannot. Two videos here for you to see what we are doing, with all our limitations.

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