Friday, September 18, 2009


One of the things that I found weird yet nice during my trip to Orissa was the morning tea at Rourkela House. It was so British. I practically had a butler / man servant for every whim, from breakfast in the morning and when I came in at night, phone call to whether I wanted tea or dinner or something to eat, to the point of being insistent (especially for a Malaysian, who wouldn't even ask).
The service was excellent. They really look after you. I said I wanted my clothes washed, and all I had to do was leave it and it came back washed, ironed, folded like a 5 star hotel. The food was great. The attention to you was immaculate.
And yet I felt odd, as I am not used to so much attention. Here, you do everything by yourself. There you wake up to a person getting your tea with biscuits ready for you. Weird, but I could get used to it. Don't think my wife will do that for me though... ha ha ha.

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