Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8th Wedding Anniversary

We 'celebrated' our 8th wedding anniversary recently.

It was more of a family time than a personal time. One of my students also shared the same dilemma, cant leave the children at home alone... LOL. But it is good yet different. The years have changed the way we celebrate and our own quiet time, different.. from the days of just a young couple, but at the same time enriched our love for each other via our children.

Walter has been a single factor that has pulled us together closer together than ever could. I could 'kill' anyone that harmed Walter and I know my wife would do so too. We learnt a lot of human behaviour and of ourselves during the years that Walter had come into our live. Now we are learning to let Walter go.. and let him face the world, maybe with Daddy and Mummy's shadow just behind him. We realize we cant be there for him always.

Vina is another bundle of joy and also sometimes a pain... LOL. She is more aggressive than Walter, takes his toys or food or anything of his. Hoping this is just a phase.. she doesn't understand the term 'share' yet. Everything that is Walters is hers and everything that is hers, is hers. LOL. Sounds familiar...

My wife.. is still the beautiful woman I married. Now even more, as she keeps on pointing out that she has lost weight and slimmed down... I don't really care if she was x kg or xx kg. She has been a sounding board, a place to turn to, to lean on. Now I am trying to get her to be more independent...

Throughout the years we have had our own more than fair share of troubles, but it has been all good.

So we splurged on some food with the kids and maid. My wife had her crab and I my mango deep fried fish. We enjoyed the ice-cream. We walked along the waterfront and enjoyed ourselves, as a family. It was good.

Here is to another 8 years, and more.

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