Tuesday, December 22, 2009


OKU refers to a term used in Malaysia representing Orang Kurang Upaya or roughly translated into English, the handicapped.
At the Manila airport, sitting next to me were a bunch of young Malay guys and girls, who I think believed that I did not speak or understand Malay. They were making jokes of OKU, as to how being a OKU will allow one faster access into the plane, and asking each other to act as a OKU, with various facial and verbal gestures.
Here I was, sitting next to these young obviously educated yet still morons, trying to control my temper. I controlled my temper, and just sat through the charade. Now I regret it. Should have just told them off, but I know that will create a scene and these kind of people ... well, they are not worth it.
Having an education but with no social niceties, manners and personality.. might as well have no education. They were typical Malaysians, just cant wait their turn to get into the plane... talking off the cuff, assuming no one else understood what they said, loud and boisterous, and just plain ill-mannered.. just embarrassing to be a Malaysian with these kind of people around.

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