Friday, January 8, 2010

My Kids

Children do grow up so quickly.
It feels like yesterday that we were so worried of Walters first operation. Now we worry of Vina climbing all over things and falling down, while Walter has become the good elder brother... sometimes. Vina is really a terror, taking things from her brother and even hitting him and she shows no remorse. Everything is hers... guess she hasnt learnt to share yet.
Both of them seem to be doing well. After Walter's first day of school, both of them played around, running in the house etc and then I realized everything was quiet. Quiet is not good. Walter becomes quiet when he is up to something that he knows is wrong, like coloring the wall. Vina .. well Vina climbs. So I look out from the computer room and lo and behold, a sight for sore eyes. My two angels asleep, in their own favorite style. : ) The past few days where I just spent lazing around with them gave me much respect for my mum and the many mothers of her generation who had to work and still take care of the kids. My wife gets tired looking after these two angels. Thank God we have a maid to help us. Another evening and this time Walter threw all his toys onto the floor and Vina joined in the fun. Neither one of them wanted to clean it up. Naughty!
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