Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is the car of a person who overtook us at the 6th Mile traffic lights, from the right (where it was meant for vehicles to make a u-turn), turning into the road in front of me at last minute at high speed, forcing me to brake suddenly; and he got stuck in the heavy traffic in front of me. He turned in to 7th Mile. The sad thing was there was someting on my windshield, so couldn't get the car number plate! BTW, not wearing seat belt.This is another irritating thing for me. There is so many car parks available but these towkays and towkay neo's cant spare the 20sen required to park their car or lorry at the right place. This is at the RHB near tHe Spring. Quite a common sight. In fact, its a common sight in Malaysia.. LOL. Other people suffer .. never mind, as long as I don't have to walk an extra inch.
Another irritating thing ... loan shark signs that are up again. There was some hoo haa a while ago with photos in the paper of policemen and councilmen tearing down such signs. This has now waned and the signs are up again. : )
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