Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peking Duck in Peking (Beijing)

When we were in Beijing, we went to this restaurant near Tianamen Square.. the translator that took us said its a very well known place, usually for the officials. The table was laid
and the chopstick holder was a small cute duck. Our duck came in a short while, and the chef cut it up there and there for us.
Doren was busy on the phone with our children..
The duck came with its own certificate and number, and the waitress explained the history of the restaurant and how the duck was raised.
The meal was served with its own sauce(very nice) and scallions
with thin slices of duck skin
duck head and its brains
duck skin and meat
and the thin wafer that you wrapped the duck in..
The bill came... R487 or around RM250 for a duck.
And as in Shanghai, the waitress asked if we wanted a bill and the bill came with a chance to win something.. we just got a thank you for coming... : )
I'll put up the video of how to wrap the duck, cause we couldn' We just used a mixture of chopstick and fingers, not as elegant as the waitress. The duck was good, but whether was it worth the price... well, for once in a lifetime, why not.

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