Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ah.. the despair of one that has been FAT all his life, to be told by doctors to lose weight over and over again.. only to lose a couple of kilos before being subjected to the rigors of daily life and again the despair of seeing the numbers on the scale, appear the same again.

Its just irritating.

People come up to me to sell miracle cures that will make me lose weight without sweating, or those that promise that I can eat anything and still lose weight, or those who say a few hours of their treatment will make me lose an inch off my stomach (do I look like I need to lose an inch?), or those who say they have these pills that can a. make you not hungry (the problem with me is that I am not hungry yet I still eat), b. make you sweat the pounds away (isnt sweat water?), and c. make your metabolism faster (ya, and my blood pressure shoots up to the sky).
Hey.. I have been fat from as far as I remember. I have been fine.. until now where my blood pressure and onset of diabetes. Hey, I know its not good. I also know me, I have no willpower and am just lazy and tired. From the moment I wake up to the time I sleep, its either work or getting things done for others.

I think its high time I get things done for me.

I see my daughter now puffing up like me. and I dont want her to go through what I have gone through. All the name calling, teasing etc. Children can be cruel, and their parents sometimes much more. So I need to be an example for her. Also I need to live longer than what is expected of a FAT man! Need to provide for the family.

So what to do.

The only thing that had worked for me was discipline. Control of food intake. Exercise.

Control of food intake. Hmm.. there goes my kolok mee for breakfast. LOL. I enjoy food, partly because now I can afford to have whatever food I want. With my position, I get so many opportunities to try out new food, or those expensive foods, or just a great breakfast buffet at the hotels I stay in.
Exercise. The most weight I lost was when I went to a gym to do weights. Now I barely have time to walk around the block. I find it funny that the University gym closes at 6pm, when I just start to go home!

Must find a solution. Soon.

Now where is that chocolate bar... nah, I feel like some ice cream, with cake..

See ya

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