Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Current things that bug me (2)

It seems that the government really listens to the teachers union.
The amount of pay rise, allowances, bonus etc etc announced in the media.. wow, amazing.
Hey.. I am happy for teachers, as my boss says ' rezeki orang.' Just that I sometimes wonder...

I have an undergraduate degree, Masters, and PhD.. all took blood and sweat from me in order to accomplish. I am a teacher too, but I also do administrative work, supervision, writing articles and books, research, consultancy etc etc etc. LOL....
My salary has been good but.. lol (typical human - its never enough isnt it..)
Inflation ... hmm, Lets not go to the price of petrol and from there the price of everything else.. my kopi o kosong is now at least RM1.
And what struck me was when I raised this to a very senior person, he told me to not question it, as I actually have it good. I can go to the highest scale while teachers cannot... off the top of my head, which I wanted to say but did not was, in actuality.. how many people do get to the highest pay scale? And seriously.. what do you think would be my chances of getting to the highest pay scale if I continue to write like this.. LOL!
I wonder, has there ever been a review of lecturer's pay?
before you go and say what an ingrate I am.. let me tell you how happy (and bersyukur) I am that I am taking in a salary and a good one at that. Its just that feeling you get...
Plus I am doing something that I really love and enjoy to do, and get paid for it at that..
so on that side of the coin... yahoo... i am counting my blessings and joy.

Just being human...

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