Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thai Food

Yesterday we went to this Thai restaurant, Pandan Thai Delight, near BDC, to try out some high class food. I usually don't go to such places, as I am just a roadside stall kind of a guy, but wife wanted to try and the kids plus us were hungry. It was early evening and we had not had lunch yet.
The interior was well decorated and you know you are in a Thai restaurant.
We ordered, and our drinks came. The kids had Sundrop (a canned orange drink), wife had carrot juice and I had a Ribena Longan drink. I know. I know. Its too sweet, but remember I hadnt eaten yet since breakfast and this was evening! Wife didnt like her carrot juice, just thin and plain, my Ribena Longan was so ordinary and lacked coldness. The kids enjoyed their canned juice!
The waiter that took our order was polite and prompt. We ordered french fries and fried chicken wings for the kids. For us, we had green curry (lamb) and mango salad, with white rice and glutinous rice. The green curry tasted more like 'kurma' rather than green curry. Nevertheless the lamb was nice, with some fat on it, just the way I like it. The mango salad was more like a ripe mango cut into slices with a minimal number of sliced shallots and peanuts. But what the heck, I love mango!
The biggest disappointment for me was the glutinous rice. It was like they forgot the order. Then can see the girl at the counter opening the window to the kitchen and telling them to just send out whatever they had. Its good to look like me. People think I cant speak Malay! I would have preferred them to just tell me it was not ready or none, instead of taking the order and telling me the food is on the way in English but then chase the cooking staff in Malay. When the glutinous rice came, it was in a plastic bag in this container and it was hard. Rock hard! I guess they had not thawed it yet or had not finished heating it up but still wanted to serve it to us.
The dessert we chose was the glutinous black rice with mango. We told the waiter to serve it at the end of the meal. It came with the meal! Haiz! Nevertheless, thank god this was not ice cream or things as such, so it could be placed by the side and we had it after our meal. Nice. The glutinous black rice was sweet but not too sweet as the coconut milk was just nice. The mango (did I say we love mango) was a nice accompaniment to the meal. For the whole meal, this was the best!
The funny thing for me was that the french fries tasted very good and Walter ate it all up. The fried chicken wing took some time to come and that was just plain chicken wings fried! The kids didn't mind and ate all. All in all, it cost RM94 and for me the service was not up to par and the food (even my wife agrees) was just so-so. The only thing we would come back to was the dessert.
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