Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mad Max...

Over and over and over... cant hear the TV.. cant rest on my favorite couch.. why.. coz my daughter is cycling...lol.. have a look.

At one time it was Walter.. now its Vina's turn.. lol..
I must admit that by the time I reach home, I am exhausted.. makes me understand why people say must have kids while still young.. coz my daughter is a bundle of energy... while I am a wreck, especially this time.. chest pain, tired beyond tired, and just want to lie down.. but my daughter wheezing away on her tricycle.. lol.. and want to play outside.. while all I want is to lie down for a while...
Partly felt bad..
Forced myself up and played with her for a while.. and soon her interest drifted to something else.. and I drifted to my sofa and rested.
Aahhhh... the joys of parenting.
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