Friday, July 13, 2012

You talking to me...?

Saw this cartoon in Borneo Post recently and it kinda touch a nerve.
I think this is how people see me.. coz of the comments and request I get...especially in relation to the tons of money statement. LOL. Sometimes I wish people would understand that I don't make tons of money.
Similar statements too on my travel or hotels I stay in.. wow.. you flying here and there..must be cool. Well, I don't deny I love flying.. but after a while the 4am wake up to catch the 6am flight is kinda tiresome.. (thats why now I try to get the 10am flight.. LOL) yet somehow or rather I still really do love it.. and people must understand that it is not from my money but my employers funds.. and I am doing a job.. usually meetings etc. BTW, I find flying very humbling.. to see the clouds and the earth below you and to realize that you are just a speck in the large world.. God is great!
Well, at least 1 part is true.. I do love my job.. the teaching and research part especially.. but I find that time for that is limited as I have to do admin (not so crazy for it but do see the need for it and want to at least have a say to further develop the university)..would love to do more writing, just cant concentrate and I find that I tire easily nowdays.. oh well..
All in all, THANK God that I have my own desk in a fancy office making some money doing some of the things I love to.. its far better than many others who don't have what I have.
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