Friday, November 30, 2012

Special Moments

Was scanning through the book Special Moments by Ng Kui Choo.

I usually don't read such books. I just get too sad, teary eyed and hard to swallow feeling.. coz it really touches a nerve.

And when I saw the short article, 22 An Ice Cream for Jeffrey - just made me so sad. Sad for the mother. Sad for our society.

The story:
The author saw a mother feeding her handicapped son ice cream at the car park.
"The teacher said reward him if he does his work - he did his work in school today and I promised him ice-cream," she sounded apologetic, "I could not bring him inside the ice cream parlour - people like to stare. So I feed him here."

I too have experienced this with my Walter.
People stare.

Yet Walter has better manners than so many people. He smiles as strangers. Shakes their hand. Says hello.

I am proud of my son.

Yet it is difficult for me. Very difficult.

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