Monday, December 24, 2012

Different Rates

Just came back from taking my Hungarian friends to Jong's Crocodile Farm.. the crocodile farm seems to  practice differentiated pricing there.. 1 price for foreigners and another for Sarawakians.. and I think another for West Malaysians.
Sadly as I walked towards the ticket counter this lady asked me where I was from, and I said 9th Mile and she look at me one kind.. then asked if I was a West Malaysian. Of course I am.. and she immediately ticked on a piece of paper and passed it to me to pass to the cashier. So I paid the full price.. not wanting to create a scene with my guest in tow.
I have lived in Sarawak for more than 20 years. Even the address on my Identity Card is in Kuching! But here I am paying West Malaysian / tourist price.
Same thing at the Sarawak Cultural Village. I enjoy going there... but why, after 20 over years living in Kuching, Sarawak.. must I pay the fee of a West Malaysian?
That's one of the reasons I am rather reluctant to go to these places, but with international guest.. what choice do I have. Its not that there are many other choices.. well, at least the Orang Utan place in Semonggok was still just need to go there and see whats the policy now..
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