Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All this hoopla on FB

FB is no longer fun...

It seems its just a place for keyboard warriors... people with little or no knowledge of the issues at hand.. extremely emotional.. certainly not that rational.. running their own agenda without thinking of the effect of their hastily written words..

Not that I want to write much anymore on FB.. especially with a lot of persons who suddenly seem so pious and somehow or rather easily misunderstand basic English.. but with great fervor attack anyone who has a perceived different view from themselves. There is no thought on the matter at hand. Its as if brutes are on the large, just out there to cause trouble and mayhem, believing they are immune to persecution.. and it looks like that, even though I hope it is not.

Many are just clueless and follow the crowd. Herd mentality. And clueless people don't provide any good input. Many are not even aware of any other conflicts outside Gaza, Muslim killing Muslim.. what more Muslim killing Christians. Others are so fixated on Kiki and just cant seem to shake it off, thus looking up old cases of other similar cases but by other races...  Its just another opportunity to rage.. and rage like a bull let loose... not knowing or caring what it destroys, kills, or maims... including itself.

So many fake pictures on FB from the current issues...
Just so many...
Think first before posting. Is it real? Is it good? Will it do good?
On another side of the story, I still have nightmares over the so called growth on people.. which turn out to be a photoshopped photo of a person plus the seed pod of a water flower. Nightmares. Why put it up on FB for?

FB also seems to be the place for 'outsiders' to ply their trade. Groups like Perkasa, Isma for instance. Pages like Anti Sabah dan Sarawak and the like. Wow. Sometimes you wonder did these people even think before they write anything on FB? I have made police report before... of course nothing has been settled. I know of others who have made police reports. Also nothing has happened.

Plus a lot more negative issues on/of/caused by FB!

So be very aware of what you do on FB.

Maybe its time to switch off FB for a while...
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