Monday, February 25, 2008


Saw my first election banner yesterday when I went for lunch with my brother at Desa Ilmu. On the way home, saw this one (same as the one at Desa Ilmu) at the roundabout. WOW, someone's really working fast.

But all in all, its a rather boring election in Sarawak. We went for breakfast at 10th Mile and only to be disappointed that the whole place was mobbed by BN and DAP supporters waiting for their candidates to be named on the ballot. We (my wife and I) wondered what would make people get up on a Sunday morning, and stand and wait, with children and babies, waving flags and shouting. Oh well, good for them.
Also to highlight something that as a researcher, I find interesting. The use of various languages in a single banner. This is very Malaysian. Have a look at some of my research papers and you will find that this compromise works very well for most of the non-dominant groups. It follows the Accommodation Theory and Cultural Schema Theory.

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