Thursday, February 28, 2008

Suspected Glaucoma (3)

So after all the headache, fears, testings and seeing doctors... my field of vision is OK.... but the nerve damaged is still the same....
So what can be done... apparently nothing.
A few friends have suggested a few things...from avoiding certain foodstuff to eating/drinking certain foodstuff... even placing things in my eyes... not too keen on that.
All in all, I have to control my Diabetes and Blood Pressure and try to lose weight. This is what I am doing. Walking everyday now... man ... its difficult to wake up so early in the morning and walk.. and the dogs on the road are not a joy too... must remember to carry a umbrella or a stick next time. Have been controlling my food intake... so now have to be a bit more serious. Trying to rest my eyes... but as my boss said, this is our job, we read and write everyday.
So life goes on.

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