Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Father in Law Dialysis

The current issue troubling our family is that my father in law needs dialysis.
And he kept things secret from us [Whats this with old people keeping such matters secret.. same thing with my mum for her eye, until had to have an operation]. And now, its serious. He had one procedure done at Normah Medical Specialist Center and today is spending the whole day at Sarawak General Hospital for other procedures. And my wife has to be with him. And she is pregnant. And my boy needs to be looked after. And my wife worries. And her blood pressure goes up.
And I worry.
Its not cheap to do dialysis in Sarawak. Even with help from the government. Plus this situation is affecting my wife, and I worry for my unborn baby.
Sometimes I agree with my brother that life is difficult.

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