Friday, March 28, 2008


Went to a restaurant chain in Shanghai, serving 'cha kueh' and soya bean drink... plus other things of course. Was told that it started as a roadside stall and is now a thriving chain.

Wonder why in Malaysia (or should I say, with my entrepreneurship students) this doesnt happen. Been pushing my students with such success stories of simple and basic stuff that becomes a major business. Even saw one in Malaysia of a guy selling 'goreng pisang' (fried banana) and now is a major supplier of the fried banana flour. Small business can grow, at least thats what I believe. Thats why trying to help my brother and the villagers with their 'ayam kampung' (village chicken) and duck projects. Food supply is getting scarce and good food supply is getting more and more difficult to obtain. So lets keep our fingers crossed that some projects will become big.

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