Friday, March 14, 2008


Met a old friend today while having lunch. Never knew his name or where he comes from, but he has the knack to show up once in a while. Was a tutor when we first met. He was selling honey in a bottle, from one room to another in Unimas.
Dont know how he got in. I dont really trust these persons, coz God knows what is in the 'honey.' But somehow or rather got taken in by him and bought from him. Didnt really finish it, but would buy from him whenever we met. I liked the way he carried himself, how softly he spoke, how he didnt pressure anyone. I also appreciated his tireless effort of carrying the honey everywhere. Compared to many of the youths I know who cant even lift themselves up, he showed effort.
This time he had extended his range of products from plain old honey to forest collected honey and queen honey (God knows what is it, but apparently its good for you) plus some herbs in a bottle. He also now carried photo's of himself obtaining these products and manufacturing them. Shows that he is developing.
I wish him well.
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