Friday, March 14, 2008

Warkah untuk PM

Wrote to the PM
Whether it will do any good or bad is another matter...
This is what I wrote.

I am sure you have read in the newspapers recently and know of the Immigration issues in Sarawak for those from West Malaysia. I am getting older and begin to worry for myself. Horror stories of 'nenek' going to Indonesia for a while, just that she can come back in to Sarawak for another 3 month extension of her visa.
I have served Sarawak well, provided employment to people when I was doing business, now educate them, help the OKU through PPDK Mambong, etc., and spent my adult life here. I married a Iban. And when I 'pencen', and get old, what will happen to me? I have no where to go to in West Malaysia. Must I be like that 'nenek' to travel to Indonesia every three months? What if I get sick? What if there is no one to care for me by that time.
The numerous times I have been to the Immigration office in the past... I got different and conflicting answers to how to get PR, I even had a lady immigration officer tell me no need to bother to submit the application.
I dont want PR actually. I just want to stay with my family in Sarawak till I die. Perhaps some sort of consideration can be given by the Sarawak government to those that have contributed to Sarawak, by allowing us right to stay.
I do hope that you will have a look into this matter. Thank you.

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