Friday, March 14, 2008

Manners on the Road

On the way to SGH for my son's dental appointment, there was a 3 car pile up on the right side of the two lane road. Cars on the left just went on and didnt give way to the cars on the right, even though most of them had their indicator lights on (amazing that sometimes Sarawakians know how to switch on their indicator lights). The car at the back of us managed to sneak in and allowed us to go in front of him. Must have annoyed the cars on the left side...
On the way back, a Volvo was driving on the left lane, then the right, then the left... you know them dont you...those rich **&*^#% that dont give a *&^% for others. At the 8th mile roundabout he just went straight on, without slowing and the car in the roundabout had to brake and stop for him. Clueless.
My mum would say that Malaysians are the most polite and well mannered people, except when they get into their car. But then again, manners is a cultural matter and that different cultures have different interpretation of what is good manners. Just that on the road.... well, it looks like its the strongest survive.
Seen a lot of articles on this but still havent seen any significant change in the publics manners. Wonder will there ever be any change.
Till then, drive carefully and defensively.

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