Friday, March 14, 2008

Sarawak Eurasian Association

Saw this in the papers.
Did attend their meeting some time ago, but not at all after coming back from New Zealand. Probably because didnt know it still existed or not. At the same time still find it surprising that the Sarawak Eurasian Association is still alive. By the way I am Eurasian, born in Malacca. Mind you, just born there (dont know anything about Malacca) and then went to Penang, Terengganu, Selangor and then to Sarawak. Spent most of my adult life in Sarawak and married an Iban.
A lot of Eurasians dont want to be known as Eurasian, but as Malay, Iban, Chinese, Melanau or whatever else. As a Eurasian, you are the minority of the minority in Malaysia. There is no specific help or benefit that I know of and one has to tend for oneself. Plus being a Eurasian that was born outside of Sarawak living in Sarawak is worse. You become a minority of the minority's minority.
Nevertheles, see Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia.

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