Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I Realized

I realize that I love my wife, and miss her terribly when we are apart. In Shanghai, in the grand hotel, in the wonderful conference, mixing with the 'big shots' and all the ooo la la, I miss my wife. And my boy. No one to hold my hand, switch off the TV and tell me to go sleep. Walter is so good at that.

I also realized that I felt rather insignificant and small (not in size of course, ha ha ha) when mixing with all these grand persons of marketing. How much they have achieved. I know most of my friends will think this is wierd, but when you see the achievements of these persons... Yet I appreciate the camredrie and friendship, and the belief in helping each other.

I also realize I like clouds. They put everything in perspective. Looking out of the plane and seeing clouds, calms me. I know my God has everything in its place, and of how small a creature I am, yet He has me in His hands.

I realize I love Malaysia and am proud of it. I have travelled to so many places, yet Malaysia is my home.

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