Monday, March 24, 2008

Shanghai 1

The trip to Shanghai was memorable. Arrived at around 3 to a huge immigration hall and as usual my bag would be among the last out. Then another long wait for the taxi. Had help from a Chinese guy who wrote down the hotel name and address in Chinese for me.
Wow. The taxi drivers were like F1 drivers. Mine had the flu and was continously blowing his nose or smoking. Yup, all of the taxi's I was in smelled of ciggarettes. And I guess thats why I also started having running nose and sore throat. LOL. At least I came prepared with medication.
China was interesting. There was a lot of cars on the road yet there was some order and no honking. Not like Mumbai. And certainly no cows on the road. But they had a lot of old trucks. Minimal police but there was order, which was interesting to me.
And it was cold.
And there was the smog.
And the dust.
But the hotel, was good. Thanks to Kim Fam who arranged for it.

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