Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My dear students all huddled up, quiet, and busy writting. The first of two exams for me to invigilate (with others of course) and then mark. Have to finish marking 164 students script of 4 essay questions each in 1 (yes, one) week.

Plus the daily routine work and committments continue unabated. So guess when do I mark? At night and at home.
Tried to make the exam as easy as possible for the students, but so far they did not do too well. It was interesting that when I walked out of the exam hall, students were still clustered outside, saying how difficult the exam was. And when I talked with my RA, he thinks its too easy as compared to the questions he got from me when he was my student.
But dont we all feel the same way. When we are studying and sitting for an exam, it is the most difficult thing to do. When we have accomplished the degree, its sooooo easy. Somehow or rather we have forgotten the tears, toil and trouble that we went thru last time. : )

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